Cranky about OS X

So I needed a laptop for work, and, perhaps against my better judgment, I decided to go with a Macbook Pro. I’ve had mixed experiences with PC laptops, where I think build quality varies wildly and it’s hard to consistently get a good piece of hardware (though I am somewhat curious about the Dell XPS ultrabook line, though unenthusiastic about its weak keyboard).

Along with this is that I’ve always liked the fact that OS X is built on top of Unix; not a variety of Unix I know well, to be frank, but still. What do a few cosmetic changes matter compared to a shared POSIX heritage?

Welp. I am now regretting my decision, and to a not inconsiderable degree. Where to begin? The lack of a decent package manager? The fact that in El Capitan Apple has made the Disk Utility completely worthless for partitioning? The fact that it’s impossible to write an .iso to a flash drive without mucking around with the dd command?

My naive belief was that OS X is an operating system that hides some of the complexity of its internals from the end user, but that makes up for that with a polished user experience; my hope was that, beneath the hood, OS X still had a lot of good functional tools for the power user. I’m finding myself somewhat disappointed in the first respect, and deeply frustrated in the latter. The iOS-ification of OS X is much, much worse than I thought, and has really made me miss a lot of the functionality of Linux. Hell, I’d settle, in some respects, for the advances that Windows has made in 7 and 10.