So it seems like we’re in the post-Ke$ha hating phase, where reviewers are realizing that she’s actually a competent musician and in charge of her image and music, etc. Which is fine.

But we’re in a regrettable period in terms of pop music, I think: there was an interesting post-Blackout moment where pop music took an interesting dark turn, and now we’re back in sunny Katy Perry land– even when it comes to musicians who should know better, like Kesha and Nicki Minaj. Even Gaga is less interesting than she should be, ultimately: I think the Gaga songs that will stand the test of time could fit on an EP, and the rest is packaging.

My hope for pop music at the moment is Grimes, given that she continues to evolve. Each of her albums have had a few great songs; Visions was an interesting accessible move; hopefully she’ll just get weirder and more compelling.


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