Sony MDR-V6s – first impressions

Ha, the Sony MDR-V6s are sort of a hoot. First, their impedance is 63 ohms, so they need a bit more attention and love than a lot of other headphones on the market now– you can tell they’re an older style of headphone, for this and other reasons. And they’ve got this big booming bass, that’s a bit on the overpowering side. And of course they don’t have anything like the definition and resolution of my Audio Technica AD900s. But for all that, they’re sort of fun; at times they’re more musical than the ATs.

So yeah, they’re sort of like a idiosyncratic girlfriend with some charming, fun qualities.


It’s funny, when I’m in the middle of watching a TV show compulsively, I feel like I’m really just wasting large portions of my life. On the other hand, though, when I’m not watching TV or playing computer games or whatever compulsively, I feel this odd emptiness in my life. It’s not that TV is ultimately that fulfilling (though some is), and more that I’m just kind of restless in my life, in general.

NPR as emotional community

I don’t know how I’d demarcate the community, but I feel convinced to some extent that NPR and American public radio more generally really is a kind of emotional community; which I noticed while watching the TAL Invisible Made Visible. It has these very restrained emotional norms, this detached way of approaching things…