less blogging, more emailing… a lot of school

I think a stellar example of what I like about pop music is Akon’s song ‘Don’t Matter’. There’s something so optimistic and lovely about it… yeah. (Anyone know if Akon is a Mouride/comes from a Mouride family? I know he’s from Dakar and Mouridism is centered in Touba, but that’s about it)

In all likelihood, when I go away to graduate school, I will not be able to watch MTV Hits and IMF all day. On one hand, it’s too bad because I love taking a break from Euripides or Hans Hock and watching a music video or two. There’s something really great about the times when the songs you like are being heavily played. But TV is sort of a waste of time anyway, and there’s no way I’ll ever be able to justify the cost.

It’s okay, I guess, because MTV Hits isn’t really providing me with what I want anymore. Though I think IMF has a lot of promise, it’s not something I can just sit and watch. What do I care that people in Germany are also making crappy MOR music?

When MTV Hits started out, it was unfuckwithable. It was eclectic and fun and unpredictable. They played new songs a lot, but they also threw in a lot of great old songs, and the song sequencing was fascinating. It was like getting a mixtape from a mysterious stranger with a good sense of humor. But then they started this playlist thing. It was cool for a minute, but I’ve already seen Ciara’s playlist a billion times, and all of the playlists were made a while ago and feel dated. Every once in a while they’ll still play music like they used to, but it’s pretty rare. I need to find somewhere else to get my pop music fix.

It seems like cultural forums for Top 40 music either persist in suckiness or perish quickly like the leaves of a tree. There was a really great Kiss station in northern Ohio, but it’s been gone for two or three years.

I’ve been pretty disappointed by the new Hilary Duff. The song is worthless, and the video is fucking embarrassing. I’m all for people pimping their shit, but the video is like an extended version of one of Britney’s perfume commercials. Jesus.

I’m also not ashamed to say that I’m a fan of the new Fergie.


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