Mirabile dictu!

Aaron Sorkin’s new show has finally hit its stride, I think (of course, the follow-up to this week’s show could totally demolish this thesis). After a long stretch of weak shows, he’s finally put out a couple that have been watchable. This week’s, especially, had just the right admixture of incisiveness.

Part of this is that he’s finally put the sketches to the side. The idea was that the show would have little sketch-fragments peppered throughout. I think it’s actually a very good idea, but the sketches weren’t funny. I mean, I’m predisposed to like anything that namechecks Gilbert & Sullivan, but even that didn’t come off. Of course, the whole show is centered on sketch comedy, so who knows if they’re gone for good.
There’s no shame in having an idea that doesn’t pan out; it’s just when you do it publicly and expensively. Despite the recovery, it’s an open question whether NBC will stick with it.

In other news, I’ve decided not to go to grad school next year (Fall 2007). I’m stoked– another year of unproductive penury!


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