New Hilary Duff

Am I the only one who hears early Garbage in Hilary Duff’s new song, ‘Play With Fire’– particularly the way she says ‘Love me, love me’ in the chorus, and the rhythm and punch when the chorus kicks in.

‘Beat of my Heart’ is a little Kylie-esque song; the writing is pretty bad, but interesting in so much as it signals a new stylistic direction. But ‘Beat of my Heart’ seems particularly weak coming after ‘Wake Up’, which I find utterly charming.

I think what gets me about ‘Wake Up’ is its real, deep optimism– something you find in Hilary Duff, but very seldom elsewhere in pop music. Britney Spears never had it, Christina Aguilera came close on her first record, but Duff’s music embodies it.


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