Media: Iran’s Letter, Medical Marijuana, The NFL

* Jeffrey Morley gives a useful summary ( of world opinion on Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s letter to President Bush.
* Last week, the Economist had an appropriately belligerent article ( about the FDA’s sham treatment of medical marijuana. Despite the fact that I think there are some positive things to be said about the Bush White House, they have done two seriously bad things: they have politicized science, and they have allowed the consolidation of the media to an unhealthy extent. Both these things give the lie to claims of Bush’s statesmanship.
* On a lighter note, the Economist had an interesting article ( about the NFL being a more successful business than other major league sports, and why.
* (Belatedly, the Christian Science Monitor does its idiosyncratic thing with a great article ( on the Iranian government being uncharacteristically helpful, in Afghanistan)

PPO: I think a large part of the medical establishment’s reluctance to accept marijuana (aside from their obvious interest in the status quo) is in large part due to the fact that it’s a “messy” “natural” drug. It’s not a clean synthesized simple anesthetic, or nausea-reliever. It’s an organic, somewhat dirty, somewhat smelly cornucopia of effects which, oh no, is fun for some people, and–here’s the tough part–a large part of the positive effects are psychological. In my opinion it is the mild psychedelic effects that aid in things like headaches, pain, and nausea because it aids in the mind’s ability to relax and distance itself a bit from normal mental reactions to pain. But hey, I haven’t put it under a microscope or anything, so what do I know.


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