There was an interesting article ( in The Economist this week, where outgoing editor Bill Emmott gives his thoughts on globalization, the Iraq war (which his editorship supported), and a bunch of other stuff.
Opposing globalization, in whatever political guise you put it, seems more and more untenable for seriously-minded people. Between The Economist, a lot of recent stuff in Scientific American, and as the un-hyped subtext to many of The Nation’s articles, it seems that most people agree that globaliztion is a positive force. Of course, this doesn’t mean we should sink to Thomas Friedmanesque levels of pro-globalization hyperbole– there’s a lot of work still to be done, as Bill Emmott would surely point out– but globalization is a powerful force for good.

Also, there’s an interesting interview ( up at Pitchfork this week with Steve Gordon, “an entertainment lawyer and contributor to Digital Music News”, where he talks about piracy, yada yada yada. He makes an interesting point about the people who are making money from “free” music, though his solution is complete bullshit.

This interview just confirms my lack of sympathy for the music industry: they dick artists over, they’ve used their money and connections to grotesquely extend copyright and profit off other people’s music, and now they’re getting their comeuppance. Fucking parasites.


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